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VExtra (with Free Delivery)

VExtra (with Free Delivery)



Our Best selling Men's herbal alternative to viagra.

An erotic stimulant that enhances performance, increases stamina, helps with premature ejaculation,erectile disfunction and helps maintain a sustainable erection.

A 100% Natural Fast Acting Alternative To Viagra.


DOSAGE & USAGE: 1 Capsule only to be taken in a 24 hour period, with water 30-40 minutes before intimacy, preferably not on a full stomach.

INGREDIENTS: Cordyceps SinensisMaoniublan, Sace, Lycium Chinense, Polygonatum Verticillatum.

SPEC. 1 Capsule = 450mg.

As with any herbal supplement, consult your doctor or health care provider before use. If you suffer with any medical condition or taking other medication, consult with a health professional before taking.


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