Flex A Pleasure Anal



This vibrating waterproof butt plug is mounted on a sturdy yet incredibly flexible handle allowing you to manipulate the plug into new positions for improved sensation.

Made from firm and shiny high-quality plastic, there is no flexibility to the plug itself. It is mounted on a highly flexible handle that retains its shape once bent into position. This makes it ideal for manipulating the plug once in situ, whether you're using it on yourself or a partner.

The batteries sit in the base unit and the vibrations to the plug are controlled via a twist-base switch. The base unit makes for an easy-grip handle as it is coated in a soft but non-slip coating to ensure a tight hold during play.

The butt plug has multiple speed vibration, simply turn the twist-base to achieve the required level of stimulation. Owing to the handle, this can easily be adjusted during use.

Requires 2 x N batteries which are included in this pack.

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