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Bon4 Plus Chastity Device

Bon4 Plus Chastity Device

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Are you serious about male chastity and like a little variety?

The BON4 Plus pack comes with the newly updated BON4 silicone chastity device as well as the new BON4L cage for the larger gentleman. As usual, the BON4 Plus comes complete and ready to go with 2 cages, 4 different sized rings, 2 silicone straps, 2 nylon locking pins, 10 plastic tamper proof locks, 2 padlocks, 4 keys and a handy drawstring storage bag.

Regular BON4:

Overall length: 88mm

Internal cage length: 65 mm

Cage opening: 32mm

Weight: 65g (with middle size ring)


Overall length: 110mm

Internal cage length: 88mm

Cage opening: 35 mm

Weight: 75g (with middle size ring)

Pack Information:

The Bon4 Plus package contains lots of extra fittings to ensure the wearer finds a comfortable fit and to make sure you have spares, should one of the smaller parts break. With the Bon4 Plus you get the following items:

  • Two cage sections. The standard measures 88mm in overall length, with an opening diameter of 32mm. The large measures 110mm overall length, with an opening diameter of 35mm.
  • 4 Main rings (Circular). Sizes are 40mm, 45mm, 50mm and 55mm
  • 4 locking pins
  • 4 plastic straps (Holes are positioned slightly different on each. I am guessing this is to help them match up with the different sized rings)
  • 2 master padlocks (with two keys each)
  • 10 individually numbered plastic locks

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